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 The End of an Era

April 2011

I thought I could take a year off from my regular newsletter format to work on another project but, the truth is, I miss sharing stories about overcoming what is to realize what can be. Every time one slips away undocumented, it feels like I am letting all of you (and God) down.

Hebrews 10:24 tells us to "spur one another on toward love and good deeds". It is with this verse and my passion for progress in mind that Time Out for Digging Out is transitioning into a blog where I write, not to meet a monthly deadline, but for the simple joy of encouraging all of you.

For years, my husband has been urging me to shorten my lessons about learning from what we live through but, despite my best efforts, I was never able to make the change ... until now. As a wise six-year-old once told me: Times change and people grow. My hope is that you will see this blog as a reflection of mine.

Time Out for Digging Out Podcast

An Important Note About Your Subscription:

On April 4th, your current subscription will move to my new blog. To ensure that you continue to receive updates from Time Out for Digging Out, please add feedblitz@mail.feedblitz.com to your address book and look for an e-mail from this service in your inbox on Monday morning confirming your subscription. 

I look forward to traveling with you on this latest online adventure as we show the blog community that inch by inch, yard by yard; what seems impossible is only hard.



Additional Notes About My New Blog

I will continue to work on Taking Care of Spiritual Business and, as new chapters become available, post links to view them on my blog.

I will also be copying existing stories from the Digging For Treasure Archives page of  my online ministry.  This will allow me to centralize my writing pieces and pave the way for the eventual redesign of DiggingOutTogether.com.

Worth a Read

Dr. Henry Cloud is one of my favorite authors. Whenever I pick up a book that was written by him,  I am never disappointed. This month, I am reading the Law of Happiness. Click on the link below to read an excerpt from this title.

Excerpt from The Law of Happiness

The Law of Happiness by Dr. Henry Cloud