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Guiding Children In The Way They Should Go

Proverbs 22:6 instructs readers to train "a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." As with any assignment, preparation is required if we want to be ready when teachable moments arise. To help you accomplish this challenge, here are three ways to get organized about guiding children in the way they should go.

  1. Identify Verses to Heed

For years, I wished for just the right verse to share with my daughters during difficult situations that required discipline or encouragement. Finally, when the girls were 7 and 9, I did something to make that dream a reality. As a first step, I found two business card holders from the home office section of a local discount store (one for each of my two children). Next, I typed the verses I struggled to recall into a Microsoft Word business card template. After printing the verses onto cardstock, I cut along the dotted lines and inserted the verses into the business card holders.

Click on the PDF link below to print the verses that our family has found helpful:

Verses to Heed

Click on the link below to see how verses can be applied to everyday parenting situations:

Example 1: Stupid Arguments


  1. Create Rhymes for Parenting Times

    For situations that reoccur on a regular basis, I like to create rhymes that are fun to say and easy to remember.

    To print the rhymes that our family has found helpful, click on the PDF link below:

    Rhymes to Remember

To see how rhymes to remember can be applied to everyday parenting situations, click on the links below:

Example 1: When Kids Go Berserk

Example 2: What Comes To Mind

Example 3: If Yes Then Press


  1. Collect Quotes to Call Upon

You can't know what to do as a parent if you refuse to grow as a person. In addition to reading books on becoming more like Christ and parenting with purpose, it's also important to remember what you've learned or know where to find answers when they're needed.

One way to do this is to underline key sentences as you read and then mark them with 3M Post-itŪ Flags so they can be easily located. When I read, I use a Post-itŪ Flag Pen which allows me to make notes and flag key sentences using one convenient tool. (I found my pens in the aisle where Post-itŪ notes are sold at Target).

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